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Sopine Line ^~~^ Cat Detective

Illustrated chapter books for ages 7-12
eBook & Paperback

Available in ebook and paperback
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Sophie Line  Ghosts and Parrots

Being able to turn yourself into a cat is great, as long as nobody finds out.

Sophie Line has a huge secret that she never, ever tells anyone. Not even her dad or best friend, Alex.

When a priceless diamond is stolen, and her uncle gets the blame, Sophie knows she must do something.

She and Alex start to investigate. Before too long, Sophie understands the only way to solve the crime is to use her unique ability.

But will she be able to catch the thief, return the diamond, and keep her secret safe?  

Meet Sophie Line, the cat detective, in her first thrilling investigation. Diamonds and Thieves is a clever and funny illustrated chapter book for children aged 8-12

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Sophie Line is a brilliant detective. Alex, her best friend, knows this. He doesn’t know that she can turn herself into a cat.

It’s the summer holidays, and Alex has come to stay with Sophie and her dad. All Alex wants to do is get on with his inventions, but when swans go missing from the local pond, Sophie Line is suspicious. She and Alex begin to investigate. Before long, Sophie realises that the only way to find out what is going on is to use her unique abilities. But can she save the swans and keep her secret safe from her best friend, or will she have to tell him when they both find themselves in danger?

Join Sophie and Alex as they work out who the thieves are and what they are up to in another funny and clever cat-detective adventure.

An illustrated chapter book for children aged 8-12

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About Tiger Molly

Tiger Molly lives in Hampshire with her husband, a dog called Evie and a large fluffy cat called Milly. She likes to take her dog for a walk on the beach every morning and then spend the rest of the day making up stories and drawing. 

Sketching Artist

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